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Roblox Project Star: Best Stands Tier List

The Roblox Star System is a ranking system that determines how many stars a player has earned. The higher the number of stars, the more likely they are to be selected for certain positions in games.

The project star stand tier list is a list of the best stands in Roblox. It was created by the project creator, which has been updated multiple times since its release.



Project Star is a Roblox stand-based combat RPG that just got a major update that adds a slew of additional stands to its roster. Some of them are very uncommon, but they are also highly strong.

This article will concentrate on the top Roblox Project Star stands tier list. You may attempt to obtain the greatest ones, but you’ll have to open a lot of stand arrows to do so. Hopefully, you’ll find a couple more excellent ones that aren’t as uncommon as the ones you attempt.

S-Tier Stands is a Roblox Project Star.

Platinum Prime Star

  • 60 points for defense
  • 0.25 percent rarity

Prime Star is without a doubt Project Star’s finest stand. He can detect opponents with the Enhanced Eyesight ability, in addition to his terrible Ora Barrage hit combination. He can also speed up or slow down time for up to 5 seconds.

This is more than enough time for you to change your position and deliver fatal harm if needed.

The World

  • 55-65 for the defense
  • 0.20 percent rarity

The World is Prime Star’s sole rival in terms of strength. Many of their powers, such as Time Skip and Time Stop, are the same.

The World, on the other hand, may utilize Knife Rampage when the timer is stopped for 10 seconds, which is twice as long as Star Platinum’s.

A-Tier Displays


Anubis is the stand to acquire if you like slicing opponents with numerous fast sword techniques.

It has no defenses since it is just an animated sword. That isn’t to say you can’t defend yourself. It possesses the Untouchable ability, which allows it to fend off virtually any assault directed at Anubis.

Red Magicians

  • 25 points for defense
  • 5.00 percent rarity

This stand deals some of the game’s most powerful ranged fire damage.

To deal with one or more opponents at once, use his Crossfire Hurricane or Fireball Barrage skills to set them on fire.

There’s also an AoE attack that targets a single opponent before exploding into a cloud of flaming particles that hits anything around.

Thirteenth Death

  • Defending: 10
  • 5.00 percent rarity

This stand has a fantastic Slash Barrage combo move with a succession of strong strikes, but his primary strength is his unique Sleep Wave ability, which stuns an opponent for 5 seconds.

This ability is comparable to Prime Star’s and The World’s Time Stop in that it provides a similar edge during battles.

Stands in the B-Tier


  • 15 points for defense
  • 3.00 percent rarity

Because Cream is a strong monster that lives in The Void, many of his powers are based on it.

You may teleport to opponents, assume a position behind their backs, and launch a completely unexpected assault with his Void Surprise and Void Dash attacks.

Entering The Void, which turns the screen dark for 10 seconds and causes damage, is another way to totally screw with the opponents.


  • 5 points for defense
  • 20.00 percent rarity

Emperor is a gun stand that has five different movesets and a single cycle mode. The latter is particularly intriguing since it enables you to swap between several bullet kinds, such as regular, ricochet, and tracking.

This enables you to deal with many targets at once without having to spend time shooting at each one individually. Allow the ricochet and tracking bullets to take care of the rest.


  • 0-5 on defense
  • 6.00 percent rarity

Horus is a master of ice manipulations, and his freezing skills may be very helpful in some situations.

A single target may be smashed with a block of ice, or many targets can be smashed with the hailstorm ability. Use his Ice Web and Ice Age moves if you want your opponents to remain frozen as well.

Each of them does 15 and 30 points of damage, and you have a few seconds to reposition while your opponents remain frozen.

Those are the finest Roblox Project Star stands. Check out our dedicated hub page for additional tier list instructions and other Roblox-related content.

Project Star is a new game mode in Roblox that has been released on January 1, 2019. The project star stands are the best tier list for all of the different tiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tier is D4C in project Jojo?

D4C is in the Jojo tier.

How do you get Tier 8 stands Project Jojo?

Tier 8 stands can be obtained by completing the Tier 8 challenge.

What tier is the world project Jojo?

The world project Jojo is a Tier 1.

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