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Outriders New Horizons: Nearing the Promised Land

The “outriders roadmap 2021” is the most recent update on what Outriders has planned for the future. The article is written by a member of the Outriders team, and it includes an overview of what they are planning to do in the future.

People Can Fly has spent the seven months since the release of Outriders working to improve the game. After a promising but bumpy start, a number of updates and patches have been provided to address community concerns.

There have been buffs and nerfs, and some of the most vexing imbalances have been addressed, even if they aren’t exactly where certain players want them to be. Matchmaking has been enhanced, as has the general online experience, and full crossplay is now available.

There’s also New Horizons, a free Outriders upgrade that promises to improve the whole experience and endgame. It adds new Expeditions, changes treasure drops, and introduces transmog, among other features, and is set to release on November 16 on all platforms (no new weapons, enemies, or narrative elements yet). 

I just had the opportunity to play around with it to get a sense of what it has to offer. And… it’s all right.

It’s more Outriders in terms of mechanics. After taking a break from the game after putting in 70 hours around launch and previewing it twice before that, my first thoughts of New Horizons are that it won’t alter many people’s minds about Outriders. At least from the standpoint of pure gameplay. It’s still challenging in certain areas.

Outriders seem to prefer some constructions over others, but opponents continue to overwhelm you. At the upper levels in these new Expeditions, the Trickster People Can Fly gave me during the New Horizons preview didn’t stand a chance, and I plummeted down more than I would have wanted. Part of it is due to rust and my discomfort with the build and weapons I had, but it’s also due to the fact that certain builds still melt foes while others don’t by a long margin.

Despite fixes and upgrades aimed at balancing foes, they’re still as merciless and cruel as they’ve always been. Elites are still bullet sponges, and combined with the fact that lower-level advertisers continue to enter battle locations in droves, there’s a general impression that something about Outriders’ endgame is askew, which I was hoping wasn’t the case.

New Horizons, on the other hand, makes several worthwhile and much-welcomed modifications. The first item on the agenda is equipment.

When it comes to loot drops, People Can Fly has listened to the community and implemented a brand-new method in New Horizons.

By default, Expeditions no longer have timers, and Expedition awards are not related to how fast you finish an Expedition in any manner. People Can Fly has left it up to players to activate timers if they want to, but more casual players aren’t driven into certain builds and playstyles by an arbitrary time constraint.

Loot, on the other hand, is thought to be more plentiful, balanced, and equitable. Throughout the game, including the campaign, Legendary drop rates have increased by 100%, and the final Expedition level offers a guaranteed Legendary from a pool of three (you pick your poison). Tiago sells Legendaries at random. After Expeditions, you may now use Drop Pod resources to re-roll Legendaries. All of these things are excellent.

It’s tough to predict how these additions will play out after New Horizons is released, but they were noticeable when playing the sample. I got more useful gear in the short time I had to play it than I did in the many hours I spent grinding the endgame shortly after launch.

And that brings us to another feature that I, along with many others, wished for before launch: transmogrification. This was supposed to be part of the launch, according to People Can Fly, and whatever kept it out doesn’t matter since it’s the most thrilling element of New Horizons.

Unlike some other transmog systems (cough, Destiny), transmog in Outriders New Horizons is quite simple to utilize and allows you to go crazy right away. There are no resources to gather, no arbitrary currencies to grind for, and no infrastructure to dismantle. When you discover a weapon or piece of gear in your inventory, you may use it in the transmog system on all of your characters and classes forever.

Transmog is very simple and easy to use; just go to your inventory, click visual customisation, then select the weapon or gear component you desire. At the stroke of a button, you can effortlessly transmog a single piece or a complete gear set, and transmog for weapons also includes sounds and animations. It took me less than 30 seconds to get into the system, then another minute to choose a distinctive appearance that I liked. Then I was back in the thick of things.


Molten Depths, City of Nomads, The Marshal’s Complex, and The Wellspring are among the four new Expeditions in New Horizons. These new regions, like combat, are excellent and functional, providing players with fresh backgrounds against which to fight while revisiting familiar settings and personalities.

Despite their aesthetic appeal, these levels follow the same “enemy-filled-hallways-with-a-boss-at-the-end” format that we criticized in our Outriders review. There hasn’t been much of a change. Though there are a few bright moments when the level design generates new strategic kill zones with opponent spawning, none of them stand out. 

They help to add to the mythology of Enoch and the Outriders, although they don’t seem to be necessary. Everything can be demolished with the correct structure.

To be honest, short of a major, impossible paradigm change in level design, I’m not sure what I would have loved to see, but what’s on offer merely blends into the Rolodex of levels currently accessible. That may or may not be a terrible thing, depending on who you ask: after all, it’s more Outriders, for better or worse.

Despite not blowing me away, New Horizons is a step in the right direction for Outriders. You may now skip the first film. More controller remapping options are available. There’s also Expedition kick defense. There’s more elite variation, and it’s fun to see old places and personalities again. It’ll be fantastic to get guaranteed legendaries and encounter less dupes, plus transmog is awesome. Eat your heart out, Destiny. 

Even with these enhancements and improvements to the quality of life — and given how much I like the game for its worldbuilding, campaign, and engaging team play — I’m not certain the endgame is precisely where it needs to be. Things still seem oriented toward certain builds, and there are times when foes may be overpowering to the point of irritation, especially on higher levels.

To be honest, I’m most interested about what comes after New Horizons in World Eater, People Can Fly’s story-driven expansion set to release in 2022. To learn more, you can watch the complete recent Outriders broadcast here.

The “outriders update reddit” is a blog post that discusses the latest developments for Outriders New Horizons. The team has been working hard to get to the promised land, but there are still some hurdles in their way.

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