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Dying Light 2: Stay Human Preview — The New Dark Age

In this preview, we talk about how the new Dying Light 2 will feature a story-driven campaign that explores what it means to be human in a world without electricity. Plus, an exclusive interview with producer Tymon Smektala and creative director Chris Avellone of Obsidian Entertainment.

The “dying light 2 release date” is the upcoming new game in the Dying Light franchise. The game will be set in an entirely new, post-apocalyptic world.

I had to make a risky decision. It was late at night, and the Dying Light 2 city streets, which had been relatively quiet throughout the day, were now teaming with violent Infected. I needed to locate a safe haven, somewhere to hide until daybreak arrived in relative safety.

The dangers of the night, however, also bring opportunities. A Revenant, a highly mutated Infected that is both lethal and resilient, stood there, surrounded by a chain-link fence. It would gain a lot of experience and unlock containers containing potentially high-level weaponry and crafting components if it could be brought down, which would be no simple job.

The danger to my life, on the other hand, was enormous. I scaled the fence and pulled my weapon, a badly manufactured weapon made from a broken street sign, and the Revenant turned to face me.

Preview of Dying Light 2: Stay Human — The New Dark Age

Stay Human is a game about making choices. During a recent hands-on preview offered by developer Techland, I learnt this lesson well. The world has progressed 20 years after the first Dying Light’s zombie catastrophe. What is left of humanity is attempting to survive in the harsh post-society environment.

What’s left of civilization has split into factions, and it’s up to you to select sides, choose friends, manage resources, and make choices that will forever change the world around you.  

I started my quest in the imaginary city of Harran with this setup in mind. Aiden Caldwell, the protagonist of Dying Light 2, is on a search for his sister who has gone missing. I begin by speaking with the Survivors, a group of individuals who are attempting to create a cooperative society. They may be able to assist, but they’ll need my assistance first.

Sophie is a Survivor leader, and her brother, Barney, is gone. I have the option of pushing back on the possible busy work via dialogue options, but I choose to play nice and agree to assist with the search.


The first-person parkour-based gameplay of Dying Light 2 is carried over. As I proceed toward my goal, I climb from vehicle to car, dodging the slowly shambling Infected. I ascend atop a low structure towards the end of a street and begin jumping from roof to roof while the rotting, zombified populace shuffles below, oblivious to my traverse above.

The action is quick and slick, and the game is notably more responsive than the last Dying Light game. In addition, the city is considerably more vertical. While most of the action previously took the form of jumping from vehicles and fences, like in a zombie-themed game of “The Floor is Lava,” now I’m mounting multi-story buildings and crossing streets by utilizing light poles as stepping stones. 

I eventually arrive to what looks to be an old department store, the location of the missing person’s last known whereabouts. Outside it’s bright, but inside it’s absolutely dark. Because the Infected dislike light, there’s a significant chance there’ll be a large number of them inside.  

I could return later in the evening when the streets are bustling and the inside is more likely to be empty, but I decide to take a risk. I creep through a small aperture and am met by a swarm of Infected. I draw my weapon, a curved blade attached to a short pole, and start cutting through the crowd. 

It’s obvious that I’ll be swiftly overwhelmed. I see a gigantic chandelier hanging from the ceiling in my despair. Climbing it gives me access to the second storey as well as a relief from the Infected for the most part. A few, on the other hand, are skilled climbers who pursue them. When I’m cornered, I don’t back down.

Take a stand and fight


Stay Human’s combat is eerily similar to that of the original Dying Light. I swish my sword in sweeping arcs, chipping away at the Infected’s health bars. I can block most incoming punches and circle my opponents with rapid dodges. Swinging a handmade weapon about is purposefully obscene, and the bloodbath splatters red on the walls as I dwindle down my foes, chopping off limbs and heads as I go.

Enemies have a stagger gauge that may be depleted by fast hits, allowing you to bounce off of them and land deadly punches from the air. I found the transition from parkour to fighting to be fairly smooth and quite engaging.  

I eventually turn all of the infected into quivering piles of gore and save Barney. Barney is a bit of a jerk, in contrast to his happier and more cooperative sister. Indeed, during my multi-hour sample, I noticed that NPCs had unique personalities and are well-acted characters. It’s a huge step up from the series’ last installment’s mainly generic ensemble.

I continue to follow the plot lines and progress through the major campaign’s portions. I won’t say too much since I don’t want to give anything away, but there are strong reasons to keep going. Missions had me running over rooftops, assassinating members of enemy groups, and escaping from a crumbling windmill in a furious parkour puzzle that had my pulse racing.

So far, Dying Light 2 has been a well-balanced blend of fluid mobility, harsh combat, puzzle-solving, and explosive set pieces.

You Can Pick Your Own Adventure


The city is a huge sandbox, a large open space where you may play. I regularly ventured off the established path in search of weapon pieces or new side tasks. Similar to the Far Cry series’ outposts, there are crucial buildings that may be seized. There are also optional bosses, such as my aforementioned Revenant pal.

Combating these huge foes is exceedingly difficult. The Revenant’s bulk betrays the quickness with which it attacks with its devastating jumping strike. It features strong melee attacks, an AoE poisonous mist, and a projectile that may be hurled.

I chose a close-range tactic, relying on fast moves to narrow the gap and landing assaults with a lead pipe. To dodge the retaliatory hits, I would dash back or to the side. It was working well until the Revenant summoned an army of diseased zombies. My evading and weaving options were suddenly shut off.  

A crimson propane tank caught my eye. I took the canister, lighted it, and flung it after recognizing the international video game code for explosives. The resulting explosion killed half of the crowd and claimed a large amount of the Revenant’s health as well. However, the joy was short-lived as many monster cries rang out through the night. The infected are tethered to sound, which is a crucial aspect I overlooked. The second throng, which was bigger and more hostile than the first, charged at me.


It took a long time, but my hit-and-run strategy finally paid off. Killing the Revenant unlocked the hatch on a locked facility, giving you access to some new gear. Shirts, breeches, bracers, and other types of armor are now available in six different classes. A big step toward more RPG-ifying Dying Light 2 is the randomization of stat modifications on the gear, much to Borderlands. 

I observed a lot of intriguing stuff when playing Dying Light 2. The city’s several districts each have their own tales, people, and groups. I’ve hunted for bombs, investigated crimes, and even flown in a hang glider into the sky. To stop my fall, I leapt from a rooftop and crushed the skull of an infected walker; the following minute, I was carefully assessing conversation options, trying to gain friends or avoid disputes.  

I found myself wanting more as my time with Dying Light 2 dwindled. I’m fascinated about the improvements to storyline, fighting, and mobility. There’s a lot that might go wrong between now and the game’s February 4 release, but if the Dying Light 2: Stay Human preview is any indication of the final product, this may be the next big thing.  

Dying Light 2 is a new game in the popular zombie-infested series. This time, you have to stay human. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are fighting against zombies. There are also other factions that you need to worry about. Reference: dying light 2 collector’s edition price.

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