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Lost Judgment: What Is the Chairman’s Name?

The Chairman’s name is Hideo Kojima.

The lost judgment walkthrough is a video game where the player must find out what the Chairman’s name is.

Lost Judgment has a gripping story that few other games can match. The game will also have some lighter and humorous moments. One of the topics of Lost Judgment is bullying, which is brought to light at a school named Seiryo High School.

Yagami and his team are sent to examine a bullying issue at a renowned private school as part of the plot. The school’s chairman agrees to enable hidden surveillance cameras to be placed around campus in order to record instances of bullying, perhaps shining light on the problem and allowing a solution to be found. To complete the task, Yagami and his team disguise themselves as repairmen.

Yagami chooses to put the last camera in Classroom 2-2 after placing nearly all of the cameras in visible locations that might be potential hotspots for bullying, such as the toilet. It’s in this room where several of the bullies Yagami met the day before live. 

Yagami tries to install the surveillance camera in Classroom 2-2, but is prevented by Sawa-sensei, who is the home-room teacher there. The chairman hasn’t informed anybody about the security cameras since the inquiry is a private issue; only he and Yagami’s team are aware of them.


In Lost Judgment, what is the Chairman’s name?

Sawa-sensei is wary of Yagami since he isn’t like the other repairmen she sees around the school. As a result, she’s curious as to who assigned him to her class. Yagami has three choices for getting himself out of this tight situation:

  1. We were recruited by the chairman.
  2. I reserve the right to stay quiet in this situation.
  3. So that’s how you deal with people?

The first response is correct. Sawa-sensei, on the other hand, follows up by asking Yagami what the chairman’s name is. You’ll be given three choices in this section as well:

  1. Ando-san
  2. Ishizuka-san
  3. Okuda-san

If you’ve been paying attention to the cutscenes, you’ll notice that the chairman’s name is Okuda-san. When you choose that name, Sawa-sensei will step aside, enabling Yagami to set up the camera in the classroom and continue the narrative.

That’s all there is to say about the chairman’s name in Lost Judgment. On GameSkinny, you may find more Lost Judgment guides.

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