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A Shocking Colts Roster Move Is Opening the Door for Teams in Need of Added Running Back Depth

The Indianapolis Colts have traded running back Marlon Mack to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a 2020 seventh-round draft pick and cornerback Taurean Nixon. The move is shocking but could be exactly what the team needs as they try to bounce out of their recent slump.

The “colts roster 2021 depth chart” is a shocking move by the Colts. This move opens the door for teams in need of added running back depth.

With the NFL trade deadline approaching (November 2), anticipate a frenzy of roster movements throughout the league. Teams that want to make a playoff push will acquire talent, while those who want to retool and rebuild will lose talent. Despite a poor start to the season, the Indianapolis Colts have found themselves in the center of the pack.

The Colts rapidly rebounded from a 0-3 start to finish the season with a 3-4 record. While the rest of the roster is slowly getting healthier, quarterback Carson Wentz is showing signs of his old MVP self.

Marlon Mack, the Colts’ running back, seemed to be a certainty to be traded before the trade deadline until their most recent roster change. He was dissatisfied with his lack of playing time and desired a new start. The Colts, on the other hand, look to be heading in a completely opposite path as a result of their most recent personnel change.

Jordan Wilkins, a fan favorite, was released by the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts dismissed running back Jordan Wilkins to create place on the active roster as part of their flurry of roster movements today. That’s an intriguing choice that *could* indicate Marlon Mack will remain with the team through the trade deadline next week. Keep an eye out for updates.

30 October 2021 — Stephen Holder (@HolderStephen)

While everyone expected Mack to be cut off the Colts’ roster shortly, it was a different Indy running back who was cut.

Jordan Wilkins, a fourth-year running back who wowed Colts fans with his tough running style and high motor, was released by the team. Despite mostly playing in the RB3/RB4 position, Wilkins tallied up 951 running yards in his first three seasons with the Colts. Because of his remarkable 4.9 yards per attempt, he was able to achieve such significant success despite little playing time.

Clearly, the Colts elected to keep Mack out of trade negotiations and use him as a back-of-the-depth-chart running back. Mack is unlikely to be pleased with the conclusion, but that is the direction Indianapolis’ front office is heading in.

The decision to cut Jordan Wilkins is perplexing.

Something about Jordan Wilkins’ predicament simply doesn’t seem right. He’s now in his fourth season with the squad and has never come close to getting cut.

After that, he misses three weeks due to a non-football ailment and is cut when he returns. I hope he is in good mental and physical health.

30 October 2021 — Zach Hicks (@ZachHicks2)

In the larger scheme of things, losing a backup RB won’t have a significant influence on the Colts’ playoff chances. They have considerably bigger problems to deal with in the form of the 5-2 Tennessee Titans. It’s worth noting, though, that numerous Colts reporters thought this was an inexplicable roster move.

Despite having to compete for carries, Wilkins has over 300 yards in each of his three NFL seasons previous to 2021, averaging 5.6 yards per rush in his first two seasons. That is not the kind of output that should be overlooked, particularly for an undrafted guy with as much NFL experience as you and me.

The Colts may have made this move to get rookie Dayo Odeyingbo into the lineup, but there were better ways to do it without giving up a guy like Wilkins, who could be claimed by any club.

Wilkins will most certainly leave Indianapolis before the season concludes, as his three years of consistent performance should earn him an opportunity somewhere. While this may not have a significant influence on wins and losses, Wilkins’ absence is nevertheless intriguing.

Horseshoe Heroes’ Mike Luciano

Obviously, those with knowledge of the Colts’ position would have liked Wilkins to stay on the team. Wilkins has been suffering a long-term sickness this season, it’s worth noting. Still, why not put him on IR if that was the reason for his release?

The Colts opened the door for clubs in need of running backs.

Colts RB Jordan Wilkins. Getty Images/Jordan Wilkins | David Berding

The trade deadline is approaching quickly. Before pursuing a trade block move, teams in need of running back depth should check in on Wilkins.

If Wilkins stays healthy, he’ll provide a club looking for a good third-string running back an immediate boost. Wilkins has shown versatility as a receiver, catching 35 of 44 career targets in addition to his outstanding ground figures.

Wilkins, for example, could pique the interest of a club like the Kansas City Chiefs, who are aiming to rebound after a sluggish start. He’s a low-cost, easy-to-acquire offensive enhancement that doesn’t need a deal.

The Colts are likely to bring Wilkins back to the practice squad after weighing the benefits and drawbacks of dismissing him. On the surface, though, it seems to be perplexing.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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The “Indianapolis Colts practice squad 2020” is a move that has opened the door for teams in need of added running back depth. The Indianapolis Colts have signed two players to their practice squad, one of which was released by the Green Bay Packers. Reference: indianapolis colts practice squad 2020.

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