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Troy Aikman Fears Matthew Stafford and the Rams May Fall Into the Same Odell Beckham Jr. Trap That Snared Baker Mayfield and the Browns

Despite beating the Rams in Week 6, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has seen his team get shut out by the Los Angeles Chargers twice. With their backup QB playing well, it may be time to consider benching veteran quarterback for rookie Mason Rudolph

The “what team is odell beckham on” is a question that has been asked by many. The answer to the question, is that he currently plays for the New York Giants.

The wealthy get more wealthier. That has been the case with the Los Angeles Rams during the last several weeks, as cliche as it may sound. The Rams acquired Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. to an already stacked squad as they continue to put all their chips in for a Super Bowl run.

It remains to be seen if this method pays out. On Monday Night Football, against the San Francisco 49ers, Beckham and Miller dressed up for the first time with the Rams. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned for the Rams, as their gifted offense struck a brick wall for the second week in a row.

As a result, worries about the Rams’ offense surfaced. Troy Aikman, a Dallas Cowboys veteran, offered some fascinating perspective, pointing out certain parallels between Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns that might portend problems for the Los Angeles Rams.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s first season with the Rams did not go as planned.

Following his release from the Browns, Beckham had his first option to join with any team he chose. Many clubs were mentioned as potential destinations, but it came down to the Los Angeles Rams and the Green Bay Packers in the end.

Beckham made the decision to go to the West Coast and join one of the NFC’s top teams. However, OBJ’s first game with the Rams was a challenge.

Matthew Stafford threw an interception in the first quarter on a dubious pass that looked like he was attempting to force-feed it to Beckham far downfield.

Beckham and Stafford had clearly misunderstood one other. However, it was a ball that he should not have thrown in the first place.

Beckham had just two receptions for 18 yards on three targets and was almost invisible. Is it possible to turn things around? Sure, but we’ve encountered similar problems previously.

Troy Aikman is candid about Rams troubles and compares them to Beckham’s time with the Browns and Baker Mayfield.

Once Woods went down, it seemed obvious that Beckham would have to handle the majority of the Rams’ three-receiver setups. After the bye, expect a heavier burden. @MikeClayNFL: RT @MikeClayNFL: In his first game with the Rams, Odell Beckham Jr. played 15 snaps (29 percent). He caught two of three targets for a total of 18 yards.

November 16, 2021 — Jeremy Fowler (@JFowlerESPN)

After the Rams faltered against the 49ers and lost their second consecutive game after a 7-1 start to the season, Aikman had an intriguing viewpoint.

Now, Aikman has revealed a wealth of information, claiming that some of these concerns are very similar to Beckham’s time with the Browns (h/t Texans Wire’s Mark Lane).

“On the first drive, Matthew Stafford throws an interception while attempting to get the ball down to OBJ. He’s not going to finish the pass, whether he paused along the way or not. Back there are two defenders. But I believe Matthew now feels some of the same pressure that Baker Mayfield did: hey, we’ve got to get this guy involved, or he’s in the game right now because he’s going to take this deep route, and I’ve got to figure out a way to get this ball in his hands because that’s why he’s playing on this play. It’s not good, and it’s especially bad when you’re under pressure to deliver the ball to a certain player. It just does not work. So, I’m not sure. Maybe they’ll be able to shake it off and get things rolling. But yesterday night was a thrashing.”

On Odell Beckham Jr.’s debut with the Rams, Troy Aikman said

Beckham was only targeted three times in his debut and barely ran a few routes. The game’s opening play, though, went to Beckham, and the interception occurred later in that drive.

Let’s not forget why Beckham departed Cleveland: he wanted more time with the ball. Mayfield failed to do so, and Beckham was ultimately released as a result of the Browns’ run-first approach.

Yes, Beckham was seldom targeted on his debut, but it seemed as though Stafford was attempting to get the ball into his hands and get him involved early.

The Rams are currently on bye, so we could see a lot more Beckham targets once they return. The Rams have a lot to work on if they want to make their Super Bowl dream a reality, since they are currently on a two-game losing streak.

There’s a lot to take away from the Rams’ new addition’s alarming debut.

Troy Aikman drops Baker Mayfield take after Odell Beckham Jr.'s debut with the Rams. | Lachlan Cunningham/Nick Cammett/Bob Levey/Getty Images/Diamond Images via Getty Images | Odell Beckham Jr., Baker Mayfield, and Troy Aikman | Lachlan Cunningham/Nick Cammett/Bob Levey/Getty Images/Diamond Images via Getty Images

It was just one game, after all, and Beckham had hardly practiced with his new squad. But, as Aikman believes, they may be able to escape.

Although the Rams’ difficulties have been prominent over the previous two games, the offense should flow more smoothly during the bye week.

Beckham has often stated his dissatisfaction with Cleveland’s lack of targets. If the Rams want to keep him pleased, they’ll have to find a way to get him the ball. Whether you agree with Aikman or not, it is the harsh truth of the situation.

Beckham isn’t in LA to sit on the bench and wait for his team to make the playoffs; he wants to be a part of it. He wanted to be a part of a contender, but he also needed to be engaged. To prevent any issues, Sean McVay must find a way to include Beckham.

Again, it’s just one game, but things didn’t get off to the best start for either team following the big acquisition.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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