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‘She’s Never Ridden a Bike in Her Life’

The term “Bike” is a relatively new word, first coined in the early 1900’s. It was not until the late 1800’s that people started riding bikes for recreation and sport. According to a poll by AARP, almost half of all adults over 50 have never ridden a bike in their life. She’s never ridden one now either but if she did I think it would be very fun! Her favorite sports are tennis and golf so golfing on two wheels seems like an idea worth trying out soon!. It will take some getting used to but she should find this experience both challenging and rewarding as long as she doesn’t hit anything or fall off her bike!

The “i’ve never rode a motorcycle” is a phrase that has been said many times. The “She’s Never Ridden a Bike in Her Life” is an example of this.

When people think of Michael Jordan’s past coaches, they generally think of his connection with Phil Jackson. However, MJ built strong ties with a number of other icons, notably Roy Williams, the former North Carolina Tar Heels great.

In reality, their friendship extended well beyond basketball, as MJ demonstrated when he outbid his fellow NBA great Charles Barkley on a motorbike for Williams’ wife.

Roy Williams, a legend in North Carolina, was instrumental in the discovery. Michael Jordan is a basketball player who was born in

Roy Williams is regarded as one of the best collegiate basketball coaches in history, having led North Carolina to three national titles and many Final Four appearances. Williams worked as an assistant under Dean Smith at UNC from 1978 to 1988 before becoming a program director.

During his stint on Smith’s staff, Williams assisted in the discovery of Michael Jordan, who went on to play for North Carolina and win a national championship as a freshman in 1981-82. He then returned to UNC for the 1983-84 academic year.

“I spotted him on a Sunday afternoon and thought to myself, ‘Oh my god.’ Williams recently commented on an episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger, “This may be the greatest 6-foot-4-inch high school athlete I’ve ever seen.” “But none of us… thought he’d turn out to be Michael Jordan.” He was just blessed, but he had a passion that was unlike everyone else’s.”

Of course, with the Chicago Bulls, MJ went on to become one of the greatest NBA players of all time, while Williams went on to become a renowned head coach. Jordan’s time at Chapel Hill had come to an end, but they remained close.

Roy Williams’ wife received a Harley-Davidson motorbike from MJ.

Michael Jordan during NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2019. On Feb. 17, 2019, Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Hornets, attends NBA All-Star Weekend. | Getty Images/Streeter Lecka

Williams mentioned the occasion he bumped across Jordan at a charity auction while speaking with Bensinger. His Airness was also close to his wife, according to him, since she used to prepare him fried shrimp. As a result, when MJ spotted them at the event, he sat at their table.

When a motorbike was put up for auction, things got interesting.

“They bring this Harley in and say, ‘Vroom, vroom,’ and Wanda (Williams’ wife) says to me, ‘You can buy me that motorbike.’ ‘Do you ride a bike?’ Michael inquired. “I told her she’d never ridden a bike in her life,” Williams added. “‘Well, I could learn,’ she responded.”

Jordan then declared he would purchase it for her, despite her protests.

The only issue was that NBA star Charles Barkley was bidding on the bike as well.

Williams stated, “He sat in there in the auction, Charles Barkley is across the room, and he’s over there bidding.” “And Michael motioned him to come to a halt, saying he was purchasing it for Wanda. As a result, he purchased her a motorbike, which we still have.”

Michael Jordan and Roy Williams share a special relationship.

Former North Carolina players Sam Perkins and Michael Jordan with former coach Roy Williams in 2009.

Former North Carolina players Sam Perkins and Michael Jordan with former coach Roy Williams in 2009. Halftime of a game between the Charlotte Bobcats and the Indiana Pacers on Nov. 22, 2009. Sam Perkins (from left), Roy Williams, and Michael Jordan. | Getty Images/Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer/Tribune News Service

Roy Williams’ anecdote just serves to emphasize how close he and Michael Jordan were at North Carolina.

Jordan and the former coach play golf regularly, and when the former coach announced his retirement after the 2021 college basketball season, Jordan was kind.

According to CBS Sports, Jordan told The Charlotte Observer, “to take his own route, to walk away from the game when he wants.” “It’s wonderful that he now has more time to spend with his children and grandkids.”

He also emphasized Williams’ bond with his late father, James Jordan.

According to CBS Sports, MJ stated to the Observer, “I’m upset that he’s departing because he’s meant so much to basketball.” “He and my father had an incredible friendship that meant everything to me.”

Michael Jordan may have only spent three seasons at North Carolina under Roy Williams, but it seems like they built a bond that will last a lifetime.

North Carolina Athletics provided Roy Williams’ bio.

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