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Pinhead Opens a Portal Into Dead By Daylight

Pinhead is a new horror game that puts you in the shoes of an escaped mental patient who has been on the run for years. You wake up one morning to find yourself surrounded by blood and carnage, with no memory of how or why it happened, only that you need to escape before the police find you.

The dbd game is a horror game that was released on Steam in 2017. It is about an evil entity who opens a portal into the real world, and players must work together to escape.



Dead by Daylight is a genuine who’s who of horror movie antagonists at this point. Some of horror’s most famous villains continue to murder in the asymmetric multiplayer survival game launched in 2016. From Michael Myers to Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, and Ghost Face, some of horror’s most iconic baddies continue to kill in the asymmetric multiplayer survival game released in 2016. Pinhead from Hellraiser has now been added to the list. 

As part of the Hellraiser Chapter, Pinhead is available for $4.99 on all platforms. The Lament Configuration Puzzle, a well-known Clive Barker gimmick, is also included in the DLC for Dead by Daylight. Pinhead will teleport to the Dead by Daylight mobile at a later point, according to Behaviour Interactive.

Pinhead’s mechanics are more akin to his portrayal in the Hellraiser movie than chasing after players like other Dead by Daylight murderers. The PlayStation Blog has a detailed explanation of how the creators labored to get this correct, but the short version is that gamers will notice something fresh and distinct in Pinhead’s motions and attacks. 

Summons of Pain are used by the Cenobite to create a chain that “binds” and slows victims, preventing them from sprinting away. 

Matt Spriggens, the director of game design, said: 

This one-of-a-kind ability allows players to direct their own missiles, giving them a sense of control over a ranged assault. The most difficult task for players then becomes learning the tactics and mental games involved in deciding where and when to put the gateway to start the chain.

One feature of this skill that many players overlook is the ability to open a gateway without summoning a chain, enabling you to gather information without committing to a physical presence in specific parts of the map.

Pinhead’s entrance is made even more frightening by three perks: Deadlock, Plaything, and Gift of Pain, which cause havoc for players all across the battlefield by blocking generators and inflicting negative status effects like Oblivious, Mangled, and Hemorrhage.

Finally, before players, Pinhead may locate the Lament Configuration, which spawns randomly on a map, and unleash Chain Hunt. Players must solve the riddle to prevent the chains of Hell from pursuing them. Pinhead, on the other hand, may teleport to their position and prevent them from doing so. 

The Hellraiser Chapter adds Pinhead to Dead by Daylight, as well as the Chatterer legendary set and the Hell Priest extremely rare costume. 

On all platforms, Dead by Daylight and its DLC, with the exception of the Hellraiser, Resident Evil, and Stranger Things chapters, Charity Case, and the original soundtrack, are 50% off. The Ultimate Edition is discounted by 30%, while the Killer and Survivor expansions are discounted by 20%. 

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