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Jake Paul Trolls Tyron Woodley and Makes Insane $1 Million Promise Ahead of Their Pay-Per-View Boxing Match

The American professional mixed martial artist Tyron Woodley is set to fight the American social media personality and actor Jake Paul. As of the time this article was written, Paul had made $1 million in pre-fight bets on his win.

Jake Paul is a social media star and internet troll. He has made some outrageous promises in the past, but this time he seems to be serious about it.

Jake Paul is a performer who makes a livelihood as a comedian. He enjoys trolls and having a good time. His charisma makes him a huge pay-per-view attraction for the sport, but he thinks he can easily beat Tyron Woodley.

He’s out to show that he belongs in the ring, even if no one else does. Depending on the pay-per-view statistics, both fighters may walk away with $1 million. Paul made a very irrational prediction regarding the result of his fight with Woodley.

Showtime Boxing has signed Jake Paul to a multi-fight contract.

Paul is successfully making the move from social media to the ring. In early 2021, he signed a contract with Showtime Boxing. The exact terms of the deal are unknown, but considering the 24-year-fame old’s and track record, it should be profitable.

The YouTuber’s first two bouts were aired live by Triller. He’s already shown in his brief career that he can generate high ratings and viewership, so it’s no surprise that Showtime wants him.

On the All the Smoke podcast, Paul told Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, “They’re the greatest in the business.” Woodley’s battle on Showtime Boxing will be his first PPV contest, so he’ll be aiming to put on a show and create a name for himself.

I was hooked to the thrill of getting my first knockout in my first pro bout. I was bitten by the boxing bug, and the rest is history.

Jake Paul

Paul declares that he will put a stop to it. Tyron Woodley is a professional football player.


Jake Paul taunts Tyron Woodley while posing at press conference Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul pose for a photo at their last press conference before their PPV bout | Jason Miller/Getty Images

With knockout wins against social media personality AnEsonGib, ex-NBA player Nate Robinson, and former UFC fighter Ben Askren, Paul enters the bout with a 3-0 record. For the Cleveland native, none of those names posed a problem. Woodley will be his first genuine test, posing a danger to his perfect record.

Woodley, a former UFC welterweight champion, has a career record of 19-7-1. Despite the pre-fight trash talk, Paul offered his opponent some credit. On All the Smoke, Paul remarked, “This is a serious man.” “Tyron isn’t one to mess around. He’s a one-two punch.”

Despite this, the former Disney Channel star is upbeat about the next battle. “I can’t lose,” Paul said. He was asked to predict the result of the fight on August 29 by the hosts. Fans should anticipate a “aura of grandeur,” according to Paul.

He said, “You will witness my bones go through Tyron’s skull and he will be out on the canvas.”

The ‘Problem Child’ wants to live up to his moniker.

Jake Paul was born and bred in Ohio, therefore he is passionate about this battle. The fight will take place at Cleveland’s Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

He claims that his moniker “Problem Child” comes from his childhood traumas. Logan, according to Paul, was never in trouble when they were younger. He reflected on his upbringing, saying, “I was wasting all this energy for the wrong reasons.” He also said that he was constantly in problems at school since he was the class clown.

He’s moved from being the class clown to becoming a social media troll, and he’s loving it. “I’m sorry, but I’m not like you.”

He attempted to avoid the label at one time, but he’s been utilizing it to harness his energies since becoming a boxer.

When the boxing gloves are on, the lights are turned on, and the press conferences begin, that part of myself emerges… I’m simply a thorn in the side of the ring.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is a trash-talker personified, which makes him a fun character to watch in the ring. Tyron Woodley will be trying to rip the Problem Child’s head off in this bout, so he’ll have to show up.

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In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Dillon Danis is seen challenging Tyron Woodley to a boxing match in the future. Danis then promises that if he wins, he will make $1 million. Reference: dillon danis record.

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