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Is There a Fix For the Unable to Perform Version Check Error?

The error window is a small box that shows you when your computer needs to perform an update. However, some people are unable to click on the upgrade button because of various problems with their operating system or browser software. This article will cover how to fix this issue by reinstalling Microsoft Office and going through troubleshooting tips if necessary

The “unable to complete version check 30410(30607)(20457)(404)” is a problem that has been present for a while. Google has released 9 fixes to fix the issue.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, like any other MMO expansion, has had its fair share of problems and glitches. “Unable to Perform Version Check” is one of the most typical issues with XIV’s expansions, which appears due to the game’s enormous upgrades. Is there, however, a solution to the problem?

If you’re having trouble with the “Unable to Perform Version Check” problem, this FFXIV tutorial will help you get past it. They aren’t, however, sure remedies.

How to Fix the Unable to Perform Version Check Error in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker


If you get the “Unable to Perform Version Check” issue, there’s one workaround you should attempt first, and it appears to work for most gamers. The stages are outlined here, as well as in the picture above.

  • Go to the Documents folder.
  • Open Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn by clicking “My Games” and then “Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn.”
  • “FFXIV BOOT” is a file that has to be opened.
  • Look for the line “BootVersionCheckMode” in the notepad document that opens, which will have a value of zero. Set the value to “1.”

After that, open the Final Fantasy XIV launcher and check to see whether you can connect to the game. Keep in mind that there’s a potential this solution won’t work. Here are a few additional things to try if you keep receiving “Unable to Perform Version Check.”

  • Restart your computer and try starting the game again.
  • Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn should be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Connect to an alternative WiFi or Hotspot to see if it helps.
  • To begin playing Final Fantasy XIV, connect to the internet using a VPN.

If none of these remedies resolve the version check issue, you may need to wait a time before attempting to begin the game again. Because Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is attracting a large number of players, issues are likely to persist for at least a short time.

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That concludes the possible solutions to the “Unable to Perform Version Check” problem in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is one of numerous bugs that plagued the expansion shortly after its release. Hopefully, some of these suggestions assisted you in getting started in the game. Check out our FFXIV guides site for much more advice and information.

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The “unable to complete version check 20447” is a problem that has been present for a while. The error can be fixed by using the following steps:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Fix Unable to Complete Version Check?

A: For some reason, the Beat Saber PSVR version check was not complete and you are unable to play. Here is a guide on how to fix this issue:
1) Restart your PlayStation 4 system.
2) Press down on the X button repeatedly until it says Restart.
3) Once restarted go back into console settings where you can input what language of English text that will display for each menu option. In order to do so, select System Settings in the main menu then select Language & Region from there choose your region (Im in US). Then change all options within any menus that show English text such as games or apps when they first load up by changing them from EN-US to ENG-UK depending on which country/region youre currently playing in. If these two steps did not work then continue below with step 3a and 3b
3a) You may have downloaded an update without turning off auto updates yet; if this happened reset has been turned off as well – Follow instructions below under “Resetting” section…

How to Fix Unable to Complete Version Check FFXIV?

A: This issue is caused when the games files are tampered with or corrupted. If this happens, it could be because an external application was used to alter them. To fix this problem find a program that can scan and repair your file system such as PeaZip for Windows users or Disk Drill for MacOS X Users and use it to restore all of the data on your hard drive.

How do I repair my Ffxiv launcher?

A: The current best way to repair your launcher is by following this guide.
With that said, if you have any other problems with the launcher, please contact customer support through their online chat software or email them at [email protected]

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