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‘I’m Nervous as Hell Right Now’

The NBA Finals is a series of games played between the two best teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA) to determine who will win the championship. This year, the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are playing for the title.

I’m Nervous as Hell Right Now is a song by the band The Fratellis. It was released in 2009 and became their first top 10 hit on the UK Singles Chart.

Larry Bird is up there among the most self-assured players to ever play in the NBA. Bird, who was not the most athletically gifted player, utilized his basketball talents and wits to help the Boston Celtics to a 13-year Hall of Fame career. With an aura of confidence that bordered on arrogance, he won three MVP awards and three NBA championships.

Bird’s nerves never got to him, or at least he didn’t show it. Bird openly admitted to being a nervous mess at a 2013 event at his alma school, Indiana State University.

Larry Bird was recognized for his contributions to the Indiana State University basketball team.


Larry-Bird-statue-Indians-1-1024x684 Outside the Hulman Center in Terre Haute, Indiana, a statue of Larry Bird is visible before the commencement of the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) college basketball game between the Bradley Braves and the Indiana State Sycamores on January 28, 2018. | Getty Images/Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire

Bird was instrumental in putting Indiana State’s men’s basketball program on the map. The battle between the Sycamores and Michigan State for the NCAA championship in 1979 captivated the nation. It was also the NBA rivalry between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson that got people talking.

Despite the loss, the Sycamores finished 33-1, with the greatest record and most memorable season in school history.

The Sycamores hosted Ball State in their season opener on a Saturday morning in November 2013. Prior to the game, the university erected a bronze monument of Bird in front of the Hulman Center to commemorate the school’s greatest payer.

According to The Associated Press, Bird remarked at the time, “I never dreamt of anything like this, and that’s why it’s so wonderful.”

Larry Bird acknowledged he was apprehensive in a rare public statement.

The 17-foot-tall Bird monument depicts him in shooting form while wearing a Sycamores jersey. By contrast, a statue of Johnson, who was said to be attending the unveiling event, is 12 feet tall and is located at Michigan State University.

Bird said, “That’s probably why he didn’t come up.”

It was after the reveal when Bird confessed to the audience that he was nervous. If Bird had ever been anxious before, he managed to hide it effectively.

According to, he addressed the audience, “You ain’t going to believe this, but I’m anxious as hell right now.” “They have a game in there, and I’m concerned about it.”

Individual awards have always made Bird uneasy.

Bird avoided the limelight both on and off the court. The ISU Alumni Association honored Bird with a Distinguished Alumnus Award the day before the monument was dedicated. When Bird was presented with the prize, he felt out of place once again.

According to, Bird remarked at the time, “I’m not much on things like this.” “Your dreams will come true if you devote yourself to something you really love. I know because I am live evidence of it.

“You have to respond if someone wants to show you a lot of respect. Because I know how many individuals have supported me along the road, I’ve never felt at ease being in the limelight. I’ve had some amazing people in my life, as well as some incredible teammates. They often say that if you surround yourself with good people, good things will happen, and that has been true throughout my career.”

Bird regarded the statue as a team recognition rather than an individual reward.

He added, “It’s really a tremendous honor – not just for me, but also for my teammates from ’79.” “You know, basketball is a team sport, and for whatever reason, God looked down on us that year and said, ‘Hey, let these guys have a good year together this year.’ But we had no clue what was going to happen when we started that season.”

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