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Highest Scoring Englishmen At The Euros

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The UEFA European Championship will be a soccer festival, with the continent’s top teams in attendance, and Germany aims to put on a show. The host nation is aiming to win another title and become the competition’s most successful member but faces stiff competition from Spain, which is also gunning for the top spot. There’s lots to look forward to from the opening, the match between Germany and Scotland in June, to the final in July. Keep pace with the games on television and the best live-streaming apps.

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Three Lions ready to roar

England arrives in Germany as one of the pre-competition favorites with respected pundits, ex-players, and sports writers. Gareth Southgate’s men have never won this trophy in the past and haven’t captured a major international tournament since winning the World Cup in 1966 at Wembley. That’s an achievement that lives on in the history books, but it was before many supporters were alive, and England fans are longing for a return to the glory days.

The Three Lions ended as runners-up at Euro 2020 when losing to Italy on penalties at Wembley. It was a painful experience for all involved and a harsh way to lose the competition, but England must take the positives from that experience. They came within one shot of the prize and know what they must improve on to go one better this summer. The squad is better, stronger, faster, and more experienced than they were in the summer of 2021 when losing that final, and they will want to prove it in Germany.

Who will fire England to the title in Germany? They have Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham in attack, with the Bayern Munich striker one of the key names in the race for the Golden Boot this summer. Kane arrives on the back of a great season in Germany, where he was the league’s top scorer by a distance. Will he continue his scoring ways? We can’t wait to find out, but until then, we will keep fans entertained by reflecting on England’s highest scorers in past Euros.

Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer’s name is synonymous with goal-scoring prowess, and his impact on the international stage was no different. In the UEFA European Championships, Shearer’s lethal finishing and clinical instinct made him England’s top scorer.

His journey in the Euros began in 1996 when England hosted the tournament. Shearer left his mark, scoring five goals throughout the campaign and leading England to the semi-finals. His powerful headers and precise strikes showcased his versatility as a forward, earning him widespread acclaim.

Shearer’s impact on the Euros remains unparalleled, cementing his legacy as one of England’s greatest goal-scorers in the tournament’s history.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney’s emergence as a prodigious talent captured the imagination of football enthusiasts worldwide. His inclusion in the England squad for the UEFA European Championships signaled a new era of attacking prowess. Rooney’s Euro journey commenced in 2004, where his electrifying performances propelled England to the quarter-finals.


Despite his young age, Rooney’s composure in front of goal was evident as he netted four times during the tournament. His ability to create scoring opportunities and find the back of the net showcased his immense talent, establishing him as a vital asset for England in subsequent Euros.

Rooney’s legacy as one of England’s top scorers at the Euros endures, underscoring his impact on the international stage.

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker’s name resonates with excellence and proficiency in front of goal, traits that defined his tenure with the England national team. In the UEFA European Championships, Lineker showcased his goal-scoring prowess, leaving an enduring legacy.

His journey in the Euros commenced in 1988 when he scored four goals and made significant contributions to England’s campaign. Lineker’s predatory instincts and ability to capitalize on goal-scoring opportunities were instrumental in England’s quest for glory.

His remarkable performances solidified his status as one of England’s premier goal-scorers in the tournament’s history, leaving an indelible mark on the Euros.

Michael Owen

Michael Owen’s rise to prominence coincided with England’s aspirations for success on the international stage. In the UEFA European Championships, Owen emerged as a dynamic goal-scoring threat, showcasing his agility and precision in front of goal.

His Euro journey commenced in 2000 when his goal-scoring exploits garnered widespread acclaim. Owen’s ability to seize pivotal moments and deliver crucial goals was evident as he found the net four times during the tournament. His electrifying pace and clinical finishing prowess made him a formidable presence for England, earning him accolades as one of the top scorers in Euros history.

Owen’s enduring impact on England’s Euro campaigns solidifies his place among the nation’s finest goal-scorers.

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard’s illustrious career saw him excel in various facets of the game, including goal-scoring prowess from midfield. In the UEFA European Championships, Lampard’s contributions were instrumental in England’s endeavors on the continental stage.


His Euro journey commenced in 2004, where his adeptness at finding the back of the net added a new dimension to England’s attacking arsenal. Lampard’s ability to contribute from midfield was unparalleled, as he notched three goals during the tournament. His knack for timing runs into the box and delivering decisive finishes showcased his proficiency as a goal-scoring midfielder.

Lampard’s legacy as one of England’s top scorers at the Euros underscores his significance in the tournament’s history.

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