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Destiny 2: How to Complete the “Rite of Dawning” Quest

In Destiny 2, players have a few different ways to complete the “Rite of Dawning” quest. The easiest way is by having at least one player in your fireteam wearing this armor set’s shader. In addition, you can either buy them from Xur or earn them through completing certain milestones in the game like defeating 3 enemies using supers with it equipped. A third option is going on strike and asking your team to close their eyes while you equip yourself with the shaders before taking off into orbit

The “rite of dawning destiny 2” is a quest that can be done in Destiny 2. The only way to complete it, is by completing the main story.

The 2021 Dawning event in Destiny 2 has two short narrative missions. The Rite of Dawning, which finds us sending presents to an odd recipient: Empress Caiatl of the Cabal, is the topic of discussion today.

To be sure, this is a political discussion. It isn’t without strife, but it is consistent with the Beyond Light concept. Our foes aren’t the devils we assumed they were. Out in the dark, there are worse nightmares.

How to Finish the Dawning Rite Quest

The Rite of Dawning isn’t difficult to complete and should take no more than a couple of hours. Speak with Eva Levante in the Tower to begin the task. She’ll give you both it and The Pigeon Provides, in which you support Christmas delicacies for the Smallen, the Eliksni hatchlings’ community name.

Step 1 of the Dawning Ritual is to speak with Zavala.

Yes, please do so.

Step 2 of the Rite of Dawning: Look for Festive Intelligence


This quest phase takes you to the EDZ’s Firebase Hades. Take your Sparrow to the Winding Cove and follow the trail to the left of the spawn spot. You’ll go to the other end of the Firebase. The entrance to the Cabal shipyard, the enormous, red metal building behind the well-lit circular area, is what you’re searching for.

Around the enormous doorway, there will be a Cabal Centurion and several Legionaries, as well as a prominent task marking to the left of the entrance. As you approach it, you’ll see the Cabal Tradition Intel on the ground. Pick it up and continue your mission.


Step 3 of the Rite of Dawning: Collect a Ceremonial Cup and Defeat the Cabal

Continue on to the Pathfinder’s Crash Lost Sector from Firebase Hades. It’s close to the Firebase’s bottom left entrance, and you’ll discover it as a cave entrance buried amid several enormous boulders.


Although the Lost Sector is small, it includes enough Cabal to accomplish the Defeat Cabal quest phase. To get the Cache Code, defeat the boss and open the last treasure to obtain the Ceremonial Cup.

Step 4 of the Rite of Dawning is to finish “The Arms Dealer” Strike.

The Arms Dealer is one of two Strikes you’ll conduct during this mission, and you may either activate it from the EDZ map or finish it as part of a Vanguard Strikes Playlist. All that remains is for you to complete the activity and open the last chest after defeating the monster. The Torobatl Ceremonial Vestments will be sent to you instantly.

Step 5 of the Rite of Dawning: Bake and Deliver Dark Chocolate Motes

This one may take some time depending on how much Dawning grinding you’ve done.

Bake three Dark Chocolate Motes in Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1 using three Null Taste, three units of Taken Butter, and 45 Essence of Dawning (30 if you’ve Masterworked the Oven).


Naturally, you earn Taken Butter by killing Taken opponents of any type. Null Taste is a side effect of any Void-damage kill. The greatest Butter farm is without a doubt the Thrallway in the Shattered Throne Dungeon, but the Lake of Shadows Strike is free and so much fun that you’ll have enough of both ingredients after a few runs with your favorite Void weapon and subclass.

If you just want Null Taste, go to the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon or the Moon’s Altar of Sorrow activity, then kill Hive using Void damage until you’re pleased.


Dawning Essence may be obtained by completing any action in the game in varied quantities. Overall, finishing Wrathborn Hunts indefinitely provides the greatest farm, however running Strikes is also possible, with Vanguard playlists offering a bit more than 20 each run.

Steps 6 and 7 of the Rite of Dawning: Talk to Drifter, then Zavala.

Speak with the two NPCs and take what they have to give.

Step 8 of the Rite of Dawning is to finish the Proving Grounds Strike.

There’s nothing complicated about this. Complete the activity by activating the Strike from Nessus map in the Director (no need to utilize the quest marker and flag in the world proper). You’ll unlock the last phase in Rite of Dawning after you’ve completed it.

Steps 9 and 10 of the Dawning Ritual: Talk to Zavala, then Eva.

The quest’s last stages take you back to the Tower, where you’ll speak with Zavala and Eva. You may either read the legends or spam the displays. In either case, you’ll complete the quest and get the From the Ashes symbol.

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The “ceremonial cup destiny 2” is a quest that can be completed in Destiny 2. The quest requires players to collect four items: the ceremonial cup, the sword of Oryx, the bow of Osiris, and the eye of Horus.

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