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All 32 NFL Teams’ Home-Field Advantages Revealed

The NFL is a league where home-field advantage is more than just a cliché. In the past decade, the average win percentage for teams with a winning record at home was nearly 10 percent higher than those on the road.

The madden 22 best home field advantage is a ranking of all 32 NFL teams based on the strength of their home-field advantage.

Every year, with the introduction of the Madden video game, Electronic Arts’ player skill ratings become big news in the sports world. This year is no exception. Fans, on the other hand, are debating whether or not they will like the long-running NFL simulation due to a new element of the game.

Madden 22 will have home-field advantage. It’s the first time the show has attempted to depict the phenomena, which was tailored to each NFL club individually. Despite the fact that the home-field advantage adds a distinct aspect to the game, some users find it onerous.

Madden’s strange past

According to SB Nation, the origin of the Madden franchise begins with John Madden Football, a 1988 Apple II PC game. Because John Madden acted as a consultant on the sophisticated, strategic football simulation game, the choice to go with a coach and commentator for the title was made.

However, the Sega Genesis version of the game, which introduced the arcade-style gameplay that characterized the series for decades, is remembered by many more early fans. Madden continued to feature on game covers until Madden 99. That was a significant release since it signaled a move away from arcade gaming and toward the series’ simulation origins. It was also the start of the infamous Madden curse.

The cover star and then-49er Garrison Hearst was the first victim of the curse, suffering a badly fractured ankle while the video game with his image stood on shop shelves. The poor luck persisted in various forms until Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson both broke the curse in successive years.

Madden 22 now has a new ‘M-Factor’ element that combines strategy and silly fun.

Madden is tempting destiny in a new manner for the latest release now that the curse issue seems to be resolved. During games, the M-Factor, a momentum factor, will be calculated at all 32 NFL home stadiums. Each team has its own M-Factor option that activates based on the game’s circumstances.

According to Forbes, each ability is based on the team’s reputation. Some of them are very simple. The “Keep Pounding” ability of the Carolina Panthers provides all home players significantly greater stamina during plays. The New York Jets and the New York Giants, who share a stadium, have the same “Turf War” M-Factor, which causes opposition players to tire out more quickly.

Others are activated under much more precise circumstances. The “Terribly Distracting” M-Factor of the Pittsburgh Steelers forces away team hot routes to fail at random on third and fourth downs. And the Buffalo Bills’ sole option to improve their chances is to use the “Downwind” ability, which makes away team kicking arcs a little more difficult to manage.

Is M-Factor likely to make an appearance in the upcoming Madden game?

Seattle Seahawks fans cheer from the stands prior to a 2020 game

Seattle Seahawks fans cheer from the stands prior to a 2020 game Seattle Seahawks supporters form the ’12th Man’ crew | Norm Hall/Getty Images

Accounting for home-field advantage in a football video game with a simulation focus is a fantastic concept. However, for this initial effort, Electronic Arts mainly went for winking and nodding at supporters. While certain abilities, such as the Denver Broncos’ “Mile High” (away team players having less stamina), make logical sense, others appear more like inside jokes for fans.

The M-Factor of the Seattle Seahawks, “The 12s,” obscures parts of the play art of opposing teams. It’s amusing, but it’s also a notion that belongs on a Mario Kart course rather than in a football game. This sort of stuff justifies purchasing a new Madden version every year for many casual gamers. The grumpy, diehard gamers, particularly those whose esports careers are on the line, may not agree with this approach.

According to GamesRadar, Madden 22 will be released globally on Friday, August 20. On Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, the basic edition costs $59.99. On the upcoming Xbox Series S and X consoles, as well as the PlayStation 5, it will cost $69.99.

Which Madden Cover Stars Managed to Avoid the Madden Curse?

The madden 22 home field advantage current gen is a list of all 32 NFL teams’ home-field advantages in the game Madden NFL 22.

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