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A Young, Overused Michael Jordan Gave 2 Reasons Why Burnout Would Never Be a Problem as a Rookie

Michael Jordan, the NBA legend and one of the most iconic sports figures in history, was a rookie in 1984. He was coming off a championship season and had been playing basketball for only six years when he began his historic career. Jordan played in all 82 games that year and led the league in scoring with 37 points per game.

Michael Jordan was a rookie when he joined the Chicago Bulls. He had a lot of pressure on him, but he never showed any signs of burnout. He did this by giving 2 reasons why it would be impossible for him to ever get burnt out as a player.

There was apparently no such thing as too much basketball for Michael Jordan. Jordan averaged more than 38 minutes per game as a rookie in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls. He appeared in each of the team’s 82 regular-season games. This occurred after he was a member of the United States Olympic Team in 1984.

Jordan maintained that burnout would not be an issue for him during his first season, citing two reasons.

In 1984, Michael Jordan’s schedule was jam-packed with basketball.


Michael-Jordan-Rookie-Bulls-1-1024x675 Michael Jordan as a young player with the Chicago Bulls. | Tom Berg/WireImage

Jordan was chosen third overall in the NBA Draft in 1984, after Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie. He spent the whole summer with the Olympic squad after his last collegiate season at the University of North Carolina. Jordan’s basketball career was nonstop.

The Bulls selected him first overall in the draft and made him the team’s main point. He made an instant impact with the Bulls and had little trouble adapting to life in the NBA.

Jordan scored 28.2 points per game in his first season. While playing 38.3 minutes per game, he also had 6.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists.

Jordan never encountered the dreaded “rookie wall.” He was awarded Rookie of the Year in the NBA and made his first of 14 All-Star appearances.

Michael Jordan provided two reasons why fatigue would not be an issue. BM8

Jordan was talking about burnout around halfway through his first season. All that basketball had to catch up with him eventually, right? He dismissed the burnout theory right away, citing two reasons.

The first was his enthusiasm for the game.

According to United Press International, Jordan stated, “A lot of people ask me that, but let me assure you, burnout will not be an issue for me.” “I like playing basketball. What about the Olympics? What is the NBA schedule? It’s no issue.

“Coach (Dean) Smith used to get irritated with me because I would shoot and work out on my days off. Man, I like the game, which is why I participate. If I could, I’d play every day.”

He also said that playing for Chicago alleviates some of the wear and strain associated with travel.

Jordan said, “Being in the center of the nation has cut down on our travel time.” “We’ve never had to go from coast to coast. Because we’re in the center, the longest flight is seldom more than three hours. It might be a problem if I played on one of the coasts and had to go across the nation a couple of times.”

Jordan was correct in his assessment of not being burnt out.

Jordan’s coach, on the other hand, never thought he’d be worn out in his first season. Kevin Loughery stated in February 1985 that he didn’t believe Jordan could handle too much basketball.

“You see him practice and he never seems to wear out,” Loughery added. “Burnout is something made up by the media. I don’t believe Michael’s performance will be impacted by the end of the year.”

Both Jordan and Loughery were correct. That year, or any other year, there was no burnout. He finished his first season with a bang and went on to win six titles.

Jordan wouldn’t become burnt out, according to Rod Thorn, the Bulls’ general manager at the time. He thought that a lack of ego would help him avoid burnout.

“Anyone who knows Michael Jordan understands that won’t be a problem,” Thorn added. That is why he will not get exhausted. He has a cool demeanor.”

Michael Jordan’s sister fueled his competitive fire with a crucial early victory

Michael Jordan was only 6’6 when he entered the NBA. He was a skinny kid who had never played basketball before, but he quickly became one of the greatest players in history. One reason why he did so well is because he didn’t have to put up with burnout as a rookie. Reference: michael jordan weight.

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